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Pets are irreplaceable companions of any viking. They are earned through various ways including achievements, shop and promotion codes. They follow their owners around and can be petted.

Name Source
Mániklo Pet.png Mániklo Pet Deluxe Edition
Sóleyra Pet.png Sóleyra Pet Deluxe Edition
Fenrir Pup Pet.png Fenrir Pup Pet Wolf Saga: Part 3 Challenge
Sæhrímnir Pet.png Sæhrímnir Pet Ultimate Saga Challenge
Princess Linda Pet.png Princess Linda Pet Being a part of Midguardian Program
Lil Starbjörn Pet.png Lil Starbjörn Pet Bought from shop for 500 Platinum Coins
Dogling Pup Pet.png Dogling Pup Pet Bought from shop for 20 Golden Horns
R4VEN MK III Pet.png R4VEN MK III Pet Available to everyone